Viviana L. Maltby
Office Manager
Summary of Duties

Office and Building Manager, Graham office


Interpreter, English and Spanish (verbal and written)



Born in Valparaiso, Chile

Lived in the United States since 1978, and became a naturalized United States citizen in 1983, being administered the Citizenship Oath in the United States District Court, Greensboro, North Carolina.


1969, received high school diploma from Liceo No. 1 in Valparaiso, Chile

1969 - 1971, studied accounting and English for two years at Commercial Institute in Valparaiso, Chile

1971, lawfully immigrated to the United States and settled in New Jersey, and immediately became fluent in English through immersion into a new life in a different culture, thousands of miles from home, an experience which ensured the practice and practical experience that classroom study simply cannot provide.

While living in New Jersey, and continuing after her relocation to Alamance County, North Carolina in 1978, Viviana became aware of how frustrating and stressful the cultural and language barriers can be for immigrants, and decided to pursue a career through which she could alleviate those difficulties for as many people as possible, including both immigrants and the Americans who interact with those immigrants.

Employment History (since moving to North Carolina in 1978)

1978 - 1980, employed in human resources in the textile industry

1980 - 1985, employed as an interpreter in medical facilities and hospitals in Alamance County and surrounding counties

1985 - 1988, employed full-time as an interpreter in the judicial system of Alamance County and surrounding counties, serving as an interpreter in the various magistrate’s offices, for numerous law enforcement agencies, and as courtroom interpreter for thousands of district court proceedings, hundreds of superior court pleas and hearings, and dozens of superior court jury trials

1988 - Present, while continuing from 1988 until 2001 to work part-time as a court interpreter, Viviana started her own business interpreting in medical facilities, hospitals, jail and prison interview rooms for private and court-appointed attorneys, as a volunteer for numerous organizations and charities, and for private individuals.  In addition to interpreting services, Viviana added accounting services to her new business, in order to take more advantage of her formal education and training.

2004 - Present, Viviana continues to own and operate her own interpreting and accounting service, and one attorney who benefits from that service is Wayne Buchanan Eads.  The clients served by this relationship receive outstanding service and the knowledge that their concerns and information are communicated at the highest possible level of accuracy and confidentiality.  Viviana’s expertise in languages and understanding of dual cultures are a great asset to the staff, clients, and overall legal  practice of Mr. Eads.

Volunteer Service Awards

Viviana has received numerous awards for her countless hours of volunteer efforts with various organizations and agencies in her community.  Examples of awards and recognition certificates that she has received for those efforts include, among others, awards from The United Way and The Office of the Governor of North Carolina (Governor’s Award for Volunteer Service).
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Viviana L. Maltby, Eads Law, PLLC, Graham, NC, Raleigh NC
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